Building Standards and Best Practices to Help Drive AI Adoption

What is the Artificial Intelligence Innovation Consortium?

The AIIC is a think tank of IT and advanced technology thought leaders focusing on how AI can propel organizations and our community forward. Specifically, the AIIC builds standards and best practices that help drive AI adoption, evolve privacy, data governance and bias, guiding principles and effectively align AI evolution.

“It no longer requires a multi-million dollar budget to get AI going in your company. It represents an opportunity to level the playing field for smaller companies.”

Nichole JordanManaging Partner, Grant Thornton

A Holistic Approach and Perspective on Artificial Intelligence

Research & Dev

Building next generation AI through a variety of initiatives.


Creation of best practices, frameworks, and regulatory standards to facilitate AI.


Three key aspects of data and AI: privacy, governance, and data bias.

Business Value

Strategy, knowledge dissemination, and proof-of-concept solutions using AI.

Our Mission is to Align AI with Industry Challenges and Objectives

  • A holistic perspective on Artificial Intelligence
  • Develop and build standards and best practices
  • Drive technology adoption
  • Evolve data privacy and Artificial Intelligence
  • Establish data governance protocols
  • Create data biases guiding principles

Advisory Council

Jeff Guam

University of Louisville

Jack Olcott

GE Appliances

Bruce Muller

Penn State University

Konrad Konarski

V-Soft Consulting

Kris Skrinak

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Fred Streitz

US Department of Energy

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